The Broken Road a film by Eric Filson

Eric Filson

I was born in 1981 in Indianapolis, IN. From my earliest memories a child, I was encouraged to be creative and to express myself through my work. Whether it was building castles out of Lego's® or building caves and jet fighters in refrigerator boxes in the basement, I always found outlets to let my imagination run wild.

I became a Christian at an early age and have been actively involved throughout my life in my church. My parents cared enough about my education to home school me from grade to high school. I learned how to become a self-motivated learner and taught myself shooting and editing skills.

I attended a search and rescue training program (ALERT) in Texas during 1999 and 2000 where I learned leadership skills and served in disaster relief during the tragic flooding of Houston in 2000. I trained with the NAPD (National Academy of Police Diving) in Miami, FL and was certified as a special response diver in underwater search and recovery. When I came back to Indianapolis, I attended IVY Tech and then transferred to IUPUI where I became a charter member of the league of excellence.

For the past two years I have studied under Guy Camara and will graduate from IUPUI, spring 2007 with a bachelor's degree in new media.

I have been producing video projects for over 10 years and have had the privilege of producing many creative and promotional pieces for numerous individuals and organizations. I own Filsonian Productions and work as a freelance videographer and DP.

Eric Filson, Director The Broken Road  A film by Eric Filson

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